Social Security Office

I have finally taken the time to come to the Social Security office to change my name since my marriage in December. Two words: Complete Nightmare. I should have made an appointment but I wasn’t sure what time I could could come today. There are people in here from all walks of life and all personality types. I have a woman sitting to my right cussing and yelling out loud about the long wait, and a woman to my left being as calm as a cucumber. I am the cucumber as well.

Before I came I went to the Starbucks that was 3 minutes away and got a hot coffee. When walking up to the social security office I noticed a sign that said “No food or drinks”…so my coffee is cold in the car now:(( I’ve been an hour so hopefully it will not be that much longer.

Advice: Make an appointment or be here as soon as they open the doors.


30’s Club

Wow! I turned 30 on Saturday. The minute I looked in the mirror I felt older. Actually all day I felt old. I spent the day in St Augustine Florida with my baby, mother, and sister. It was a fun day but it did have some interesting moments…

The main reason we went to St Augustine was to attend the first annual “Pirate Festival”. However when we looked in the the “yard” where the festival was being held, it consisted of two burn barrels surrounded by drunk pirates and a small stage with a pirate fiddle player. We thought NO WAY. It was freezing out..but we decided to bundle up with our coats, gave the baby his blankets, packed him in a stroller and we went walking down St George street.image.jpg

We had coffee at “Cafe Del Hildago”, which was Starbucks priced and Starbucks quality. Perfect for such a cold day. Then we went to a few different shops, people watched, and called it a day. A very low key 30th I would say..

My husband took me to a Brazilion Steakhouse when he got off work that night and it was delicious! My new favorite restaurant!! If you are on the Southside part of Jacksonville and want a superb meal, this is the place. I’ll included the link below.Terra Gaucha

Headed back to Jax!

Aloha Orlando! It’s time to head back home. I did my CPC exam today and it was crucial!! I ran out of time so I had to guess the last 15 questions, some of the content I have never seen, and my ICD-10 book was missing pages. It was just short of a nightmare.

When I left out of the test room I was about ready to die, but instead went back to Magic Kingdom. I was in a daze most of the time but I managed to have fun. I will know my test score in 10 days and I will return to Disney in the next few years probably!

Stay posted for my test results!image.jpg

Back to business: Coding Class

I am in day two in my Coding Class and it is going surprisingly well! There is a lot of information to learn in 3 days but I am thankful for a great instructor and good group of ladies. My class is being held in my hotel so it is very convenient for me.

My CPC exam is Thursday and I am hopeful I will pass it! This bootcamp is really worth the money I spent on it. Without coming this week and doing the practice exams that were available to me upon signing up, I would be lost.

Wish me luck!

First timers at Disney!

imageYes, we are at Disney World for the first time. We have a 2 year old, almost 3, so it is time. We went yesterday and the lines were insane. I have never seen so many people in one place! Luckily we went with people who had fast passes and we did not wait in long lines. I felt so bad for the people that did have to wait! The wait times averaged about 80 minutes!!

Overall it was a nice time. Disney is very organized for the most part. Our son only cared for “Its a small world” and the “Jungle Cruise”. He even met Mickey(his so called favorite) and he cared less. We may go back once every few years, but no season passes for this family!

tips: where tennis shoes! Bring a sweater and tank tops/ poncho. Pack snacks and drinks.

“Yelp for help”

Just as my son would say haha. (Currently a Paw Patrol fanatic)

I believe everyone should have a “Yelp” account. Not only do you inform others, and stay informed yourself, you can get problems solved. Two nights ago I went to Jiffy Lube to have my oil changed as normal. This oil change took almost two hours!! I was very upset because this particular location is convenient for me and I did not want to have to find another one.( I do not like change lol). I was also upset because the employees were so nice!! I hated to write a negative review, but I felt I needed to because that amount of time was really ridiculous.

To sum my experience up, Jiffy Lube actually contacted me on my “Yelp” account to hear my concerns. A manager is supposed to call me. I’m curious to know the outcome. I will keep you posted!

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My Yelp

Medical Coding

imageMy new adventure:Medical Coding.

Im headed to Orlando next week to complete a Coding Bootcamp and take a coding exam to become a certified coder. Why you might ask? I find medical coding very interesting and stable. Although my degree is a communications major, this will only add to my resume of knowledge and skills. Any advice or tips on how to ace this exam would be great! Wish me luck!